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Matt Sapaula releases their best inspirational video for entrepreneurs and military veterans.

Winning the Everyday Battle: Best Inspirational Video for Entrepreneur & Military Veterans

Extremely excited to share our first of many, best inspirational videos for entrepreneurs and military veterans. They are all actual stories of our people, using actual LIVE footage from our personal journey. Please watch and share with someone you know

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Matt Sapaula shares his personal journey in 7 steps of how to get out of financial trouble

How to Get Out of Financial Trouble – Here’s my 7 Steps

Paycheck to paycheck was a luxury for me. I was lucky if my paycheck last 10 minutes before I was holding my breath for another 14 days to next payday. After I decided that enough was enough I’m extremely fortunate

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Matt Sapaula leads a mastermind with Chicago Oakbrook Full-Time Entrepreneurs

Monday Mornings as a Full-Time Entrepreneur: 10 Keys to Make the Jump

Monday mornings have never been the same as a full-time entrepreneur. Since beginning our journey from part-time “wanna be” to full-time “all-in” entrepreneur, our expectations towards the most dreaded day of the week has been redefined.       We brainstormed

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Dr. Len Cooper visits w/Matt Sapaula and shares his shocking reality of being highly educated, gainfully employed and broke.

Highly Educated, Gainfully Employed and Broke with Dr. Len Cooper

There’s an axiom that says, “When you buy into someone else’s philosophy, you buy into their lifestyle.”  Joining Matt Sapaula for this episode of The Movement, from the headquarters of the Money Smart Movement team, is Dr. Len Cooper. Dr.

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Matt Sapaula at Oheka Castle for Million Dollar Roundtable Clinic

Oheka Castle Retreat: Building a Million Dollar Business

Let’s pop open the hood and learn how to build a million dollar business…at Oheka Castle! What a way to close out last year and build major momentum into a new one. First time I’ve ever been to a castle,

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Matt Sapaula goes LIVE after the Trump Inauguration about how this affects building your American Dream

You’re Hired! How Trump Inauguration Affects Building Our American Dream

It’s official. Mr. Donald J. Trump has taken his oath and now the 45th President of the United States of America. After the Trump Inauguration, we went YouTube LIVE with my friends in the entrepreneur community to get their opinion

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Chicago Entrepreneur Matt Sapaula shares 5 tips on how to be a shut yo mouth public speaker.

How to Be a “Shut Yo Mouth” Public Speaker at Your Next Convention or Live Event

While preparing for our PHP Agency Field of Dream annual convention, we had over 60+ hand-selected public speakers on a national conference call on how to rock the stage. I’m excited to say that of these speakers 11 of them

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Taking Patrick Bet-David’s New Lamborghini Aventador for a Spin

What do you do when you meet with your mentor to review your business plan for the next year? Go take his brand new Lamborghini Aventador for a spin! Huge thanks to Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet David, who picks up his

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You’ll Either Find Reasons to Succeed or Excuses to Quit

Our office is directly across the street from the Oakbrook Mall. Typically in the financial services industry, most of my colleagues and peer group take a NICE long vacation in December simply because they do VERY little business in December.

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5 End of the Year Questions to Ask Yourself

As the year comes to an end I tend to hit the replay button on what went well and what didn’t. In my personal pursuit of happiness as a father, husband and veteran entrepreneur I am constantly seeking the best

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