Matt Sapaula In The Media

In a time of great financial concern, Matt Sapaula hits the airwaves to spread a message of financial hope, solutions and insight. Doing both local and national television, Matt Sapaula earned the name "Money Smart Guy" from media producers as an advocate of financial education and partner of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Money Smart Week. ​
Matt Sapaula and Chris Gardner
Taking Questions from Chicago viewers alongside "Mr. Pursuit of Happyness"​
Personal Finance Reality Show
"The Invested Life" sponsored by MSN Money and TD Ameritrade aired for two seasons.​
Nationally Televised "Mike and Juliet Show" on FOX TV​
Matt Sapaula travels to New York City for a live in studio appearance to share tips on how to get out of debt.
Video Blog: Lunch with Hillary Clinton and President Aquino​
As an invited guest of the Department of State, Matt vlogs about his experience amongst Washington DC dignitaries and Filipino celebrities.​