Two Basic Questions People Ask Matt Sapaula:

1) How Can I Better Manage My Money?

After over a decade as a financial coach to middle-class homeowners, entrepreneurs and professional athletes helping them with their own personal finances, Matt understands that most people feel isolated and even powerless when handling their money. His simple tool to help guide people through is his Money Smart Process. This 3-step process creates a financial transformation in which clients experience a heightened sense of financial clarity and confidence.

It is often that Matt hears, "Where were you five years ago?" or "How come everyone isn't doing this?" For some it has been a true financial breakthrough stopping patterns of financial shortcomings handed down from one family generation to another. Working with Matt Sapaula as your financial coach creates financial systems and strategies which help reduce financial arguments between spouses or business partners and minimize financial regret.

​ Matt understands his clients need answers to their short-term financial dilemmas yet not sacrifice the opportunity to establish a financial legacy that can be handed down to multiple generations. If you want to make sure you utilize your hard earned money, with added wisdom BEFORE you decide to save or invest with a financial adviser, contact Matt Sapaula today and set up a financial coaching session. A financial coach helps their clients stand in financial reality, understand how money serves wealth, the value of healthy financial action and cash flow longevity, and helps clients create a new sense of personal prosperity.

2) How Can I Make MORE Money?

In the spotlight of a challenging economy, Matt Sapaula has seen highly-paid executives go from the boardroom to the unemployment line. He has seen businesses shut their doors when bank cut credit lines and revenues drop. He has seen friends who are playing professional sports get their careers and paychecks cut short due to an injury or "lockout" scenario with their respective union. What moves him most, is when Matt meets with veterans of the US Armed Forces looking for ways to start their lives all over when their military careers are over. ​​

Bottom line, financial plans and dreams fail due to a lack of cash flow that is needed to fund financial goals. Matt Sapaula has worked in a recession-proof career and business for over 12 years and he has created an environment and culture at the Money Smart Company to help others do the same. By creating an encore career in the financial services industry he helps those he mentors an opportunity to by leveraging their existing brand, experience and relationships. All of this is positioned to take advantage of our nation transforming from a nation of employees to a nation of entrepreneurs during one of the greatest movements of money in the history of mankind. ​

Are you building your dream or building the dreams of someone else? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and working hard for someone else to take credit for your efforts? Do you want financial and lifestyle freedom? Contact Matt Sapaula today to explore options in "Getting Mentored by Matt"

Personal Financial Coaching - Money Smart Process

Within this 3 step process, you'll discover through one-on-one coaching a better stance in your financial reality, understand how money serves wealth, the value of healthy financial action, how to create multiple streams of income and a new sense of personal prosperity.

Many past clients experience a heightened level of financial awareness and options available to them within areas of their existing cash flow, debt management, insurance protection, long term savings and estate preservation. This helps alleviate the "stress" before meeting a financial adviser who may typically have their own interests or company interests before their clients. ​

Financial coaching services can range from 2500-5000 U.S dollars for a multi-meeting package. ​

It's possible to "not know what you don't know". Schedule your free 15 minute phone review, today and see for yourself!

Encore Career - Starting a Financial Services Business

Why not consider a future in what Forbes magazine one of the most in-demand careers that is in desperate need of new talent? What else do you have that could be as significant as the potential to create a higher income in a $63 trillion dollar market?​

​ Many people today are increasingly frustrated with their existing job or limitations within their area of self-employment or business. ​

Working countless hours, less time with family and no loyalty in corporate culture has created less career satisfaction and life fulfillment for most people.

Matt Sapaula continues to raise 3 kids as a single dad with the time, flexibility, freedom, income and independence on his side. ​

For the right character person, with a burning desire to do something significant in their life through helping people in their personal finances, Matt Sapaula is willing to consider a personal mentorship them to create their own business in the highly lucrative financial services industry.

Mastermind Group - Collaborating with Others

Your success depends of relationships. Not just with people you see off and on, but with people who have a common goal and purpose. ​

A Money Smart mastermind group is a handful of people who work together to achieve a particular goal. They meet consistently, whether in person or online video-conference, to hone their skills and maintain accountability. ​

Here are what they do:

  • Brainstorm financial ideas
  • Share victories and defeats
  • Ask for help promoting events
  • Attend financial conferences together
  • Forward opportunities that may be a better fit for other members of the group
  • Do life together

This is a complimentary service for those within the Money Smart endorsed network of providers - contact us today to become a part of it in your local area.his is a complimentary service for those within the Money Smart endorsed network of providers - contact us today to become a part of it in your local area.